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West Valley Diary

This page can be read by anyone having the url, but all working papers are password protected. To change content on this site, please email your changes to Bill. You can also email any comments or questions about the site in general.

If you are new to this issue then start with the letter to the parents on 6/11. A summary based on the ongoing investigation and the facts collected was compiled on 9/6 and is linked there.

Timeline of Events

  date event description
  8/23/2012 San Jose Mercury News Gudalewicz takes the reins as new superintendent of Cupertino Union
  1/26/2015 Staff concerns List of staff concerns for discussion with the principal on 1/27
  5/04/2015 Meeting Guidelines Guidelines for up coming one-on-one Goals and Objectives meetings with the principal
  5/05/2015 Day of the Teacher Teachers wear white shirts to school in support of staff members who were forced by HR to resign in spite of the fact that most teachers believed they had beeen doing a good job.
  5/19/2015 Interviews by HR at WV 19 of the 27 teachers were interviewed throughout the day by the District office HR staff on the subject of the climate at West Valley
  5/29/2015 Memo to WV Staff Notice of District Expectations of Teaching Staff Regarding Professional Conduct
  6/01/2015 facilitation meeting Announcement to Staff for meeting the next day with a facilitator assigned by the District
  6/10/2015 staff meeting notice email notifying the staff of the emergency meeting on 6/11
  6/11/2015 Memo to WV Staff Plan for Re-imagining and Innovating West Valley Elementary School
6/11/2015 Letter to parents Superintendent announces a plan to reinvent West Valley
  6/11/2015 Notice of WV openings
Vacancy List
Email sent to all teachers in the District about West Valley teaching opportunities
and the posted list of vacancies
  6/12/2015 CEA demand to CUSD Union demanded that all interviews be stopped
  6/12/2015 PTO email to Parents Response to West Valley staffing changes
  6/15/2015 KTVU Fox News report All teachers at troubled Sunnyvale elementary school asked to reapply for jobs
  6/15/2015 ABC 7 News report Parents unhappy tension is tearing apart Sunnyvale school
  6/15/2015 District meeting with parents Superintendent recording of West Valley Parent Information Night
  6/17/2015 CEA-CUSD MOU re Transfer of West Valley Teachers
  6/17/2015 Intent to Transfer
Letter from HR announcing intent to transfer all West Valley Teachers
  6/18/2015 District letter to parents
Superintendent claims tension at West Valley
  6/18/2015 San Jose Mercury News All teachers told to reapply for their jobs at Sunnyvale school; principal reassigned
  6/19/2015 San Jose Mercury News Sunnyvale: All of West Valley Elementary's teachers will be moved to other schools, district says
  6/19/2015 Petition at Change.org Please let the CUSD and CEA know what you think about their unprecedented decision to remove all Teachers and Staff from West Valley Elementary School
  6/22/2015 District letter to parents update regarding the Districtís progress
  6/22/2015 NBC Bay Area news report "You Can't Take My Heart Out of West Valley":
Rally Held in Support of Sunnyvale Teachers Reassigned to Other Schools
  7/15/2015 San Jose Mercury News Almost all of West Valley's new teachers have been hired for next school year
  8/6/2015 San Jose Mercury News Oh no! An angry constituent ó hide!
  8/8/2015 San Jose Mercury News Even the lunch lady is new after bizarre housecleaning at West Valley Elementary
  8/12/2015 San Jose Mercury News West Valley Elementary School lays out new vision after entire school staff is replaced
  8/14/2015 Petition update at Change.org Please Attend! CUSD Board Meeting: August 18th, 2015
  8/14/2015 An Open Letter To The CUSD Board of Education A call for the resignation of the Superintendent and Board President
  8/15/2015 WBB 2015 Superintendent's Speech The Superintendent's talk at the District Welcome Back breakfast about problems and situations. Comments about West Valley come about 27 minutes in. Use Password: wbb
  8/18/2015 Public comments at the CUSD Board Meeting
followup letter
A transcript of public comment made at the CUSD Board Meeting
and the followup letter transmiting those comments to the Board
  8/18/2015 Public records from CUSD Records turned over by the CUSD contradicting their public statements
  8/20/2015 An open letter to the Superintendent A letter documenting the contradictions of the District based on the public records.
  8/19/2015 San Jose Mercury News Sunnyvale: Former West Valley Elementary teachers speak out, shed tears at board meeting
  8/21/2015 Friends forever Teachers and staff meet to celebrate their ongoing friendship and commitment to each other
9/6/2015 The Real West Valley Story A blog gathering the collective efforts of countless others including parents, community members, teachers, staff, administration, union representatives, and board members to attempt to tell the *real* story about the Reconstitution of West Valley.
  9/14/2015 Parent Letter to the Board A letter to the School Board expressing the feelings of bewildered parents and calling for accountability of the Board.
  9/15/2015 CUSD Board meeting Video from the CUSD board meeting in 3 one hour segments
  9/16/2015 San Jose Mercury News Cupertino Union's school board stands behind superintendent on West Valley Elementary shakeup
  9/29/2015 Focus Area Update email Email from the Pricipal recommending the Community Focus Group put off to a later date finding a specific instructional approach to reimagine West Valley, and to focus on building community to heal, repair, and build relationships.
  10/1/2015 Posting in Nextdoor.com
No Nextdoor account? try this
Letter from a former Kennedy Middle School teacher - Climate of fear among staff at Cupertino Union School District

  background Professional Standards CUSD Board Policy on Professional Standards
  background CTC for Teachers California's Laws And Rules Pertaining To The Discipline Of Professional Certificated Personnel
****See 80334(a) and 80337***
  background CTC for Admin California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL)
***See standard 3 and 5***
  background links for HSDI Human System Dynamics Institute is the organization the Superintendent hired to facilitate the meeting of West Valley Teachers on 6/2

Working papers

  date event description
  6/28/2015 lunch notes